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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is Collaging?

The History Behind Collaging

Collaging is a form of art that was first used in China with the invention of paper.  Collaging was limited in 200 BC, it wasn't until the 10th century the Japanese caligraphers began experimenting with glue and writing their poems on different surfaces. 13th century European painters and architects began usng collage in a gothic form and religious icons were composed of precious gemstones and metals upon paintings. This form of art has made its way into the 20th century and paper artists and scrapbookers have incorporated collaging, decoupaging and mixed media art in scrapbooks and reinventing the use of  memorabilia and found objects. There are many forms of collage: paper collage, wood, architecture,jewelry and music (hip-hop). The collage form does not dictate a form of style rather how the artist's view is perceived, and no two collage artists will perceive the same thing or use the same materials.It is a great medium for the beginners as well as the experienced artist. There are many blogs and tutorials that share examples of their collage and or mixed media art.  One of my favorites that I have run across is:

I am still new at collaging  but I wanted to a few of items I have collaged.

Here is a hard cover readers digest book.

Here is a fram that I collaged.

Lucky me I have a few days off for the holiday and plan on uploading more of my art and mixed media creations.


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