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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heritage Albums

Tips and suggestions:

There is nothing more precious than family. Preserving memories and stories of family is a treasured heirloom that can never be bought with money or power.  It is more precious than gold and lasts for generations beyond. Preserving those memories can be done through a family activity, family recipes, internet resources, videos, dvds, and preserving photos by using the best and most current storage options. It also can bring distant family members closer and a greater respect for those individuals.
Memorabilia is especially important while creating a heritage album. Awards, newspaper clippings and special achievements should always be included as part of your heritage album. Future generations will appreciate the importance of these types of documents if they know about them.

A family heirloom such as a blanket or a wedding gown of course cannot be added into the album.  Taking a  photo or scanning the actual piece is a great opportunity to incorporate these into your scrapbook. Preserving the actual piece in a large shadow box will safely display the original piece.

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