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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clear Your Mind and Restore Your Energy

HERO OF THE DAY - After visiting California this past August, I've had the opportunity to reconnect with my cousin, Marne Semick Strickland. I was impressed with her passion for Yoga. I listened to her testimony and how she began her journey into this divine sport. As a participating Yoga practitioner, Marne has fulfilled her destiny by dedicating her life teaching others the benefits of Yoga practice. She knows the rewards associated with Yoga and the increased quality of life that it brings. She offers online classes for people at all levels of fitness. For those in the LA area she also teaches and trains Yoga classes on Hermosa beach. What a fantastic opportunity! Nothing can compare to that! Her resume is quite impressive, as she has trained and studied with some of the greatest Yoga Masters in the field. Flying from Michigan to California every week is out of the question so I have become an online student of hers. I have witnessed first hand the beginning stages the mental and physical clarity that has developed within myself. My creativity has developed to a higher level, and I have been able to concentrate and stay focused on my passion for scrapbooking and altered art. I have a new energy that I believe can only be achieved by practicing Yoga and staying fit. Now instead of walking around the house on the weekends deciding what to do first and then doing nothing but deciding what to do, I start with Yoga, foam roll, clean the house, and tackle my beloved hobby. I encourage everyone to check out her website at Allow Marne to help you reach your full potentional physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is truly a warm, charismatic individual who will help you to achieve your best in life.  Thank you Marne for motivating me and I hope that you continue your success in this lovely sport.


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